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See us through to brighter days ahead

See us through to brighter days ahead

Dear Parents Guardians and Students, this has been a stop start week, but thankfully the Fifth years have settled in and the Leaving Certs are managing well thanks to parental support and teachers’ guidance. Many thanks to Ms Slattery this week for organising the Coco’s Law workshop for 3rd Ty’s and Fifth Years. It was received well by students and parents with harrowing but important life messages for all within.

We are looking forward to all our students back on site on Monday the 12 April, all going well, and it will be no doubt great for everyone, as currently the challenge of blending both learning on site and on line teaching is complex.

One thing for sure is, we all have a new found appreciation for the power of face to face interaction and how vital that is especially for teaching and learning.

We know schools are at the heart of our communities and they play a fundamental role in the social lives and wellbeing of our children; this is particularly true for our children who have special educational needs, are disadvantaged or who may have been disproportionately impacted by school closures over the last year.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank parents for all you have done to keep your family and our community safe over the last year. I also want to thank all teachers, and school staff who have worked so hard to ensure measures have been put in place to limit the risk of spread of COVID-19 in our school.

It has been this kind of work, done quietly and by the majority of our school community, which has underpinned our response to COVID-19 and which, ultimately, kept us safe and will see us through to brighter days ahead.

However, we all still need to continue to adhere to the current National Covid 19 regulations at level 5 and continue to avoid all social gatherings and non-essential travel, in order to ensure a full return to school for all our students after Easter and to successfully run our state exams in June. For now please stay with the guidelines, stay safe, and many thanks for your continued support. Ms Hynes

03 2021
May Bank Holiday
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