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Principal address to our Leaving Cert Class of 2021

Principal address to our Leaving Cert Class of 2021

Dia dhaoibh a daoine uaisle agus failte roimh go leir dti Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal. – And this our Virtual Graduation for Leaving Certificate Students 2021

Graduating students, parents, teachers and friends, you are all very welcome to our second Virtual Graduation, which this year, is for our Leaving Certificate class of 2021. It has been an eventful road in unprecedented times, however you have all made it.

Most of you arrived as shy retiring little first years into Mary Immaculate in September 2015 full of beans and bursting with enthusiasm. – All of you followed our Transition year programme and you were the year chosen to perform a famous production of Grease for your TY show, and you definitely did a super job. Mr. Mulqueeney and Ms. Dunne knew it would take a year group of great talent and skill to ensure it was such a success it took a year group of great talent and skill to ensure it was such a success.

You were the last year to go on a European cultural and educational trip. Looking back at it now you really were blessed and had a wonderful experience.

Throughout all your 6 years with us, we hope you were happy and had a safe place to grow and mature. You are one of our most talented and dynamic leaving certificate classes to graduate and you represent my second graduating class as Principal of Mary Immaculate.

You are a class of huge ability and ambition. From exceptional Crafts People to Technological and Graphics genius, from in depth and cathartic Artists and inspiring poets and dancers, to strong team players both on and off the pitch, enriched by world class musicians, singers, scientists, who have represented our school many times at national and internal level.

You are a kaleidoscope of talent that has burned strong and bright especially over these past two years in particular.

When some of you faced life changing personal challenges, your peers supported you as best they could. It is all about drawing strength from each other and recognizing and embodying the verse from Corinthians 12.10 that states: when I am weak, I am strong.

You faced adversity and you continue to celebrate each other getting on with it with a smile on your face and a kind word of support for each other. You rallied around and supported one another. In such challenging times, you have shown tremendous strength and resilience. In addition; we as a school community are in awe of how you have coped with challenges and uncertainty.

We have had our ups and downs too like any normal year group along the way, but you are a wonderful group of students and I do hope that the caring and pastoral care you received here in this school will help each of you achieve your potential. You’ve had opportunities to identify and develop your many skills and talents in your time with us. You have left your mark in many positive ways in the school.

You have made many friendships in school, friendships, which I hope, will continue be a source of strength and support to you now and later in life. I wish you every success in your immediate hurdle, the Leaving Certificate in whatever form you are sitting it. In addition, I wish you well in the much more important journey of life and assure you of our continued interest and support in your endeavors.

I want to thank each of you that represented the school in any way over the past five or six years. It is customary to acknowledge today the Leaving Certificate class representatives on our Students Council. Another group I wish to thank are our Peer Mentors. In what was a difficult year, you all did a great job.

Now I wish to acknowledge the role-played by you the parents in getting you this far and supporting you over the past 18 years. Whilst our work here in the school has almost finished your responsibilities as parents goes on. So keep after them, do not give up on them, and for the next couple of weeks guide and support them.

I know you worry about them and how they will turn out and what will become of them but they will be fine. They have shown that despite all the challenges thrown their way, they have overcome and excelled.

I wish to thank all your teachers, and Year Head especially, Mark Mulqueeney, Your religion teachers for all their work throughout the year and for the preparation of today’s liturgy and indeed everyone involved in the preparations. I wish to thank especially Mr. Slattery who has faced his own challenges teaching off site this year, equally so with Ms. Howley and Mr. Sims and also to Ms. Dunne for her musical assistance and digital recordings etc.

Also to our Deputy Principal Ms. O Doherty for doing such an exceptional job ensuring, everyone was supported and connected in more ways than one. To all the school community for complying with our Covid plan and ensuring we kept Covid out of our school. Thank you.

Fr. Conor will be offering a mass for you all and in particular our graduating students as you approach your exams, and for this we give thanks.

To the Parents’ Association for providing tremendous support and representing the voice of parents as a vital component of this steady school community. We have the finest of students here in Mary Immaculate and it gave us great pleasure on the 13 of May to present you all with a memento of your time spent with us.

A silver medal with an image of St. Christopher on one side and with the inscription MISS 2021 on the reverse. This medal will keep you safe on your journey through life, and also this medal and chain will be a link with each other and with our school. This chain is a symbol that you are part of a unit, part of the tribe of Mary immaculate. Wear it with pride, as we are all so very proud of you. Thank you.

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