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Mock Exams Up Date

Mock Exams Up Date

Guidelines and Information on Mock Exams 2020

Students must:

  • Be present for the full exam session, i.e. 8.55am to 11.55am and 12.45pm to 3.45pm
  • Be in full uniform, only school jackets may be worn
  • Be in their seat, ready for their exam, 5 minutes before the start of each exam session
  • Have the correct equipment for each exam, (no borrowing allowed during the exam)g. Math Tables, Calculator, colouring pencils etc.
  • Have books, notes etc. in the hall with them so they can study quietly for the next exam session, if they have handed up their script before the allocated time.We encourage students to use the full time allocated and read over your answers towards the end.
  • Hand up all (powered off) mobile phones, smart watches, tablets etc, and place them in a box provided at the front of the exam hall, for the duration of the exam session.
  • Not leave the hall until the end of the exam session. - If a student does not have an afternoon exam session, they may bring a note from their parent to allow them to leave at lunchtime. Students need to hand this note into the office on arrival to school that day. This will avoid any unnecessary confusion and ensure the smooth running of the exams.

Leaving Cert Mock Exam Timetable 2020

Wed 5th Feb AM - Ag.Science/Study

Thurs 6th Feb AM - Study/Irish Paper 1

Fri 7th Feb AM - Irish Paper 2

Mon 10th Feb AM - Maths P1 PM - English P1

Tue 11th Feb AM - English P2 PM - History/Geography/Physics

Wed 12th Feb AM - Biology/DCG PM - French/German

Thurs 13th Feb AM - Acc/Art/Construction PM - Maths P2

Fri 14th Feb AM - Music/ LCVP/Applied Maths.

Junior Cert Mock Exam Timetable 2020

Fri 7th Feb AM - Irish PM - French/German

Mon 10th Feb AM - Maths Paper 1 PM - Geography

Tue 11th Feb AM - History PM - RE

Wed 12th Feb AM - Maths Paper 2 PM - English

Thurs 13th Feb AM - TG/MTW/Bus PM - Science

Fri 14th Feb AM - Home Ec. PM - Music.

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