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Mercy Day – 24 September 2020

Mercy Day – 24 September 2020

: Tomorrow in our Mercy School of Mary Immaculate we celebrate Mercy Day. All over the world, hundreds of schools are celebrating Mercy Day. And it’s even more important than ever for us to take some time this year to pause and reflect on what being a Mercy school means to us all.

For Christians, another word for God is Love and another word for Love is mercy. So when we celebrate Mercy Day we’re celebrating our belief in a God who is Love, a God who loves each and everyone of us. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have achieved or not achieved in your life, God loves you. It doesn’t matter what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. To God you are wonderfully made and God loves you. And that is what we celebrate on Mercy Day in our school – this God of love and to call to love others. This is where we find our worth; this is where we find our identity.

During these very challenging times, when we’re busy minding ourselves and one another, it’s really good to take a step back and to relax as a CEIST school, founded in the Mercy tradition to ask questions about what our faith teaches us about who we are and what we’re called to be and called to do. For Christians, it’s also important to ask the question ‘who is God’.

Catherine McAuley put it this way in one of her letters, written in 1840:

In the midst of all our tripping about our hearts can always be in the same place centred in God’.

So that’s what we’re doing on Mercy Day and in the coming days, in the middle of all the busyness of our life as a school and the worry that Covid 19 is causing many of us, we’re just taking some time to centre ourselves, to take a bit of a rest in God. Each class will have a simple reflective service in the coming days to stop and give thanks for all that is good. We thank the Sisters of Mercy for their service, their vision and legacy to education in North Clare especially. They have thought us that the greatest joy comes from helping others and being generous with our time and skills to promote those in need.

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