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Limerick Prison visit

TY students visit Limerick prison
Limerick Prison visit

Transition Year students made a visit to Limerick prison as part of their TY programme. They were welcomed by a prison warden who explained the rules and regulations of the prison. Having passed through a metal detector and with their mobile phones left outside, they were then escorted to the visitors’ room where they were told some interesting facts about the prison. Limerick prison is a closed, medium security prison for adult males and females housed on separate wings. The warden highlighted the dangers of drugs to the students. The students were shown various handmade weapons that have been confiscated from prisoners. Students were given an account of a typical day in prison from morning to night and what a prisoner can do in that time. It was explained that the prisoners have the opportunity to go to school, complete various courses, learn how to cook, work out in the gym. The prison warden showed the students various parts of the prison. One such example was the reception area and the procedure the prisoner follows on entering the prison for the start of his/her sentence. The students got the opportunity to meet two prisoners. They spoke to the students about prison life and how important it is to obey the law. They highlighted the fact that they regret their crimes. They also explained to us how education is one of the keys to success in life.

All in all a most worthwhile and educational visit. Thanks to Ms. Slattery for organising this visit and accompanying the students.

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