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Leaving Cert results Day - Almost Upon Us!

Leaving Cert results Day - Almost Upon Us!

As you know the Leaving Cert results will be available on-line, on the Self-Service Portal, this Friday 3rd September.

If any of you need assistance tomorrow in accessing and getting your results, you are welcome to make an appointment, to come into the school, and we can print out your results. It won't be the official Certificate as that is only available on the Self-Service Portal. Due to Covid, last year and this year are a very different results days.

Student’s last year received their results at home, they did not come into the school. This year, schools can print out a provisional transcript if any technical difficulty arises for students. This is by appointment only.

To make an appointment you can ring Sally or email her school email. You need to make an appointment so we can have the results printed out for you. The appointment times will be from 10.00 am to 12 noon.

Please make sure that there is someone with you when you get your results at home or in school. Even if you want to check them privately yourself first, have someone else with you. If there can't be someone at home with you, make an appointment and come into school.

Some people can be disappointed with their results, or a result in a particular subject. But whatever the results, you should be proud of yourself. The Leaving Cert is a remarkable achievement under the best of circumstances - let alone in the challenging conditions you had to deal with.

You won't know until Monday what points you need, so don't worry about it. If there is a problem on Monday, you know to contact Ms Lynch

The Portal opens at 10.00 am on Friday.

You will need your:

  1. Leaving Cert Exam number (not your CAO number which begins with 21xxxxxx)
  2. PIN number
  3. Self-Service Portal Password

Remember you will not know on Friday if the result show is from exam or accredited grade.
You will be given the best of the 2 results.

Good luck with it and I hope that you all do amazingly and are absolutely delighted with your results.

The CAO (first round offers) will be out on Monday 7th September at 2 pm. You will receive text/email.


There is a very good podcast on Spotify by @leavingcertguidance about the leaving cert results and CAO first round offers. It goes through all the scenarios and explains the processes in an easy listen half hour.

Leaving Cert Helpline

There is an excellent Helpline run by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors from the 3rd of September for seven days. The Helpline number is 1800 265 165. It giving advice and support to both students and their parents around results 2021. The dates and times are as follows:
Fri 3 Sept 11-8pm
Sat 4 Sept 11-8pm
Sun 5 Sept 11-4pm
Tues 7 Sept 11-8pm
Weds 8 Sept 11-8pm
Thurs 9 Sept 11-4pm
Fri 10 Sept 11-4pm

Kind Regards and Best Wishes to all our Students and their families receiving Results!!

Mona Hynes


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