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Jane's Careers Portal Success

Jane's Careers Portal Success

The AIB Career Skills Competition aims to highlight the value of career skills and research into future careers. It allows participants to reflect on what they have learned from their work experience and gives them tools that will allow them to make informed choices about their future.

To complete my entry, I had to do a work experience career skills report based on my work placement, conduct research into a career of my choice and discuss a signature skill that I would like to be known for, and how it would help me with work and life.

Regarding my work experience write up, I discussed how I got my work experience, and the skills that I used that helped secure it. I gave an overview of the tasks I completed whilst on work experience, and the reasoning behind their completion. I also wrote about three skills that I developed during my placement and gave three examples of how these skills were utilised during my work experience.

I finished this part of my submission by evaluating my work experience by writing about the benefits associated with the completion of my placement and how my time in the pharmacy may have shaped my future career prospects.

The next part of my submission consisted of a career investigation. To complete this, I selected a career path that really interests me, before researching one entry point into this field. I gave an overview of the tasks a solicitor completes, and mentioned two knowledge requirements that I would deem necessary to succeed in this career. I also discussed the career skills necessary to excel in this job, with these skills stemming from a person’s traits rather than academic capability.

To conclude this part of my entry, I reflected on the career that I investigated with regards to whether it would be suitable for me based off my abilities and skills.

The last part of my entry dealt with a signature skill that would help me from a work perspective, as well as how it would benefit me on a personal level. I spoke about how a love of learning would help me personally, as well as shaping my career.

Overall, I really enjoyed entering this competition as it afforded me the chance to delve into what interests me regarding future careers, as well as reflecting on my work experience and what I gained from it. By Jane Shannon Fifth Year Student.

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