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Continuity of Learning Teaching and Wellbeing at Mary Immaculate

Continuity of Learning Teaching and Wellbeing at Mary Immaculate

For all involved in education, this has been a challenging period as we strived to support the learning and wellbeing of students while out of the school environment and where teaching and learning approaches have had to change. This is not an easy time for teachers, students and their families. It is particularly difficult for students who are marginalised, students with special educational needs, students whose families are experiencing stress and uncertainty, and students preparing for this year’s state examinations.

Maintaining the wellbeing of students, supported by families, is of the utmost importance at this exceptional time. Some students may be coping well with staying at home, social/physical distancing and completing schoolwork at home whereas others may be struggling with these changes. There will be continuing challenges in the weeks ahead as students miss their friends, school and their extra-curricular and social activities.

The Department of Education and Skills required teachers to continue to support their classes remotely until the official end of the school year.

Since March 13th, 2020, our teachers at Mary Immaculate have been supporting students through a combination of sharing work on office 365 and providing live and pre-recording online video classes using TEAMS.

We have strived to maintain a sense of normality for students to ensure that they continue to progress in their learning, despite being outside the classroom. Daily routine for students, is particularly important. This is critical to ensure that the momentum of learning is not lost.

We fully appreciate that not all families have the facilities to engage with online learning and it is very unfortunate that this issue is replicated all over the country. Issues with internet service and computer access are a problem for some and this may be affecting some student engagement in every school. To alleviate some of these problems we at Mary Immaculate have posted work, loaned computer tables, emailed and phoned students to ensure our best was done to support all our students in a range of alternative ways throughout this time.

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