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Congratulations to All at the End of Week 1

Congratulations to All at the End of Week 1

Dear School Community,

I hope you are all getting that lovely Friday feeling today and I wish you all a restful and safe weekend. I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful Spring outdoors too at some point.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the huge effort and excellent start to remote learning on line Week 1. We almost have 100 percent attendance and engagement from all our year groups.

I give special thanks to your Year Heads for supporting you all with any initial issues around engagement this week.

Also the SEN Department for their consistency and encouragement and proactive methods they are using to ensure our students are encouraged and engaging on line with live classes. To all our students well done. Thank you to parents for providing all the necessary factors required to make this a success. For example the quiet room, a suitable device, limiting distractions, ensuring good sleep and rest patterns are in place etc.

Maintaining live classes and keeping to our school time table has given everyone a defined structure and expectation which is a reassuring factor and support for all our students. This lock down highlights how far we have come in terms of engagement on the remote learning platform. I hope you all realise now just how skilled and how capable you all are in this phase of remote learning. Remember also you have our support too with any issues, we are here to help.

Please let your Year Head and teachers know if you are struggling to connect.

We will continue to draw on each other’s skill set and the tracks are firmly set in place now to navigate through whatever terrain comes our way.

We are all in this together. Please look out for each other. Be Patient, and above all Be Kind.

Have a lovely weekend Thank you all, take care and stay safe Ms Hynes

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