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Back to School for all - April 12 2021

Back to School for all  - April 12 2021

April 9 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

We are looking forward to Welcoming your son/daughter/s on Monday April 12 and our TYs on Tuesday April 13 2021. It has been a long road for our Junior year groups and TYs, who have been at home remote learning since January. Well done to you all for staying the course and doing your best each week.

You may feel this is a time of mixed emotions, on one hand you are happy to return to school and on the other, you may be a little nervous. Please read the following information to help prepare you for your return. You will also have an Assembly with your Year Head on Monday morning and Tuesday morning for TYs. Please see our additional measures and an over view of our Covid plan.

Extra Measures:

Ø A Return to School Declaration Link

Ø Pods of smaller numbers

Ø New lunch area – Hall

Ø More social distancing measures

Ø Medical Masks available

Ø Newly installed Heat recovery Ventilation system in Main Computer Room.

Ø Original Plan:

Ø Review the Covid Symptoms list

Ø Continuation of original Covid Response measures

  • Students will complete a declaration link on their Year Head Assembly Teams. Parents will also receive an email with this link. This is to confirm that students are Covid free and safe to return to school.
  • If students feel unwell, we advise them to remain at home until fully recovered. Can parents please use our app to inform school of any absence and the reason for same.
  • All work and classwork will continue to be available on Teams for students off site to continue with classwork and homework.
  • If you have any questions, students can ask year heads at assembly on Monday morning or prior to that, parents can email with any query.
  • We will be putting huge emphasis on social distancing this term, extra supervision and enhanced cleaning is in place to maintain a safe clean environment.
  • Students are advised to keep to small pods of friends, 4 to 6, rather than converging in varied bigger groups. We request that everyone continue to limit social contacts and remain in the same small group as much as possible during the school week.
  • Additional need for extra ventilation has been highlighted in this revision, which will have an impact on the students' classroom environment. All windows and doors to remain open on a fulltime basis, including before and after class time.
  • Classrooms need to vacated and ventilated during break times. Students have access to the hall during lunch breaks where we have set up an indoor lunch space and when the weather is fine, outdoor seating is available too for groups at lunchtime.
  • We are continuing with the same timetable and staggered break times. There will be continued separation of our Junior Years and Senior Years
  • Physical Distancing of a minimum of 1 metre whilst wearing the mask between students most especially during break times, before and after school needs to be maintained. No congregating in groups inside or outside the school grounds, including at the school gate. Stay in smaller pods and social distance at all times.

Covid Response plan for students:

  • Adherence to our Covid Response plan, please see the original plan on our website. It still stands along with these extra measures.
  • Practices regarding hand and respiratory hygiene is extremely important and must be followed.
  • Continuation of the correct wearing of masks while indoors and removal of masks only permitted whilst eating. We have new medical grade masks (KN95) available for students to wear if required. As before, keep your reusable masks freshly laundered and ensure you have enough masks to keep you going during the week.
  • Our main computer room - has a new heat recovery ventilation system installed and all our other rooms will be naturally ventilated at all times.
  • The rooms will therefore be cold so students will need to layer up under your uniform. We are still allowing you to wear your own warmer non-uniform jacket but as the weather improves, we will be ensuring that the uniform jacket and our full uniform is restored to its former full glory.
  • Visors need to be worn over the masks in Computer rooms, Specialist rooms and science lab.
  • Masks are worn for PE activities and walks outdoors. For PE, students can still wear PE clothes all day.
  • PE will take place outdoors and as the weeks progress, we will review this arrangement.

More important updates:

Evening Study is currently not running.

Junior Cycle students need to continue with all course work and they will continue to have assessments until the end of May.

Summer house exams for all non-exam students will commence from the middle of May.

School Holidays for all will commence on May 28th

Reminder - Common Symptoms of Covid 19

Students/Parents must not allow their son/daughter to go to school if they are displaying any of the following symptoms

a fever (high temperature - 38 degrees Celsius or above)

a new cough - this can be any kind of cough, not just dry

shortness of breath or breathing difficulties

loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

You may not have all these symptoms. It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show. They can be like symptoms of cold and flu.

Finally, Dílseacht or Faithfulness is certainly our moto! Our school community has exhibited this virtue over the past months bearing witness to the founding intentions of our Mercy School—so that our students return to onsite school to experience the fullness of life through a holistic education, in a safe environment, once again.

Well done to all our students for showing such incredible faithfulness and resilience, we look forward to welcoming you all back and once we all adhere to our rules and guidance, led by Public Health advice and the Department of Education, we will all remain safe ensuring exams and continuity of learning for all, continues to be safeguarded.

Kind regards

Ms Hynes.

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