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Awards Day 2023

Awards Day 2023

This award ceremony is traditionally designed to encourage and challenge each student of Mary Immaculate to be the best possible person you can be. It is about doing your best in a respectful and inclusive way and in so doing creating a sense of community. It is also about having students efforts and contributions to school life recognised not just this year but over all the time you have graced the corridors of Mary Immaculate.

The staff have spent agonising moments in choosing recipients for the various awards and we wish each student to know that if you tried your best during these last few years you can feel justifiably proud even if you are not called forward today.

I congratulate all award recipients for their achievements and personal growth over the past year. Bear in mind that a key to success in life is not to get ahead of other people but to get ahead of ourselves.

I wish to thank all the students for your work and effort, your care and concern and for the positive contribution you make to school life. I wish to remind each of you that you continue to strive to reach your full potential no matter what challenges face you and to use your talents to make a difference. I take much pride in your capacity to be hardworking, decent and compassionate individuals.

So let’s hear it for all the students of Mary Immaculate. Well done to you all.

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