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Art and Music Awards from the Student Awards Day

Art and Music Awards from the Student Awards Day

Art Awards.

Exposure to, and participation in, the arts, help to cultivate creativity, artistic appreciation, imaginative exploration, experimental initiative, and empathic awareness, all of which are so valuable for young people's development. Exposure to the arts is part of their right to a holistic education.

Art helps young people learn about who they are and gives them a voice to express how they feel in the world we currently live in. Creativity also involves breaking out established patterns in order to look at things differently.

Emerging Artist Award: Alfie Whelan

Senior Artistic Achievement Award: Megan Kelly, Niamh Harrington, John Curtin

Music Awards: Honouring Musical Impact

We recognise the exceptional talent and dedication of our students in the field of music. Throughout their six years at our school, they have consistently volunteered and assisted whenever needed, enriching our musical community with their unwavering commitment and passion.

Musical Impact Award: Joanna Kelly, Susie King, Caoimhe McNamara, Alice Davoren, Sadhb O’Loughlin

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