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All Systems Go for the Orals and Music Exams at Mary Immaculate

All Systems Go for the Orals and Music Exams at Mary Immaculate

This is an updated information regarding the Orals/Practical's that will take place over Easter.

  • Irish Orals - Monday 29th March
  • French Orals -Wednesday 7th April - 12pm onwards
  • German Orals - Tuesday 6th April
  • Music Practicals - Wednesday 7th April - 10am -12pm
  • Orals will take place in St. Breckan's and Naomh Bríds and will be set up in accordance with the current guidelines.
  • Students will be placed 4 meters (2m from each side of the Perspex) away from the superintendent and there will be a Perspex barrier for ensured safety.
  • All students must use the sanitiser before entering the room. Students must bring their own pens in order to sign the roll.
  • Students must wear their mask at all times during the orals.
  • If documents are required for the orals, they must be laminated (to sanitise in between Orals) or else there will need to be a set of documents per student / no sharing.
  • When students have finished their Oral/Practical, they must wipe down any surfaces i.e. chairs and tables, before leaving the room. All sanitising equipment will be provided.
  • Students must wear their mask in school until and during the time of their oral examination and when studying.
  • Students will be examined in the order set out by their teacher or alphabetically.
  • A chair will be placed outside the room for the next student waiting to go in.
  • No more than 2 waiting in the hallway.
  • If students require a place to study during the day St. Anthony and St. Senan's will be opened for them. Tables and chairs must be sanitised after use.
  • Social distancing throughout the day will be highlighted.
  • The music practicals will be taking place in St.Breckan's and St. Kevins to allow adequate ventilation of the room after singing or playing of wind instruments.
  • The room will be set up in accordance with current guidelines and students informed of the guidelines. Students that are not playing a wind instrument or singing must be masked during the performance.
  • Students will stand 5m from the superintendent and sing/play facing away from the superintendent (at a right angle).

All orals and practicals will be recorded using high specification professional microphones and recording equipment which has been tried and tested for quality assurance. Management and our Examination Aide will be there on the day.

Best of luck to our outstanding students and huge thanks to our Exam Aide Ms. Morrissey, our Construction teacher, Mr. Malone and Ms. O Doherty our Deputy Principal for their tour de force and coming together, to ensure the highest of standards for our students in Mary Immaculate for their Oral and Music Practical Examinations Easter 2021. A huge thanks also to our dedicated cleaning staff and caretakers for their exceptional commitment to the school, especially at this time.

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