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A prayer for Ash Wednesday

A prayer for Ash Wednesday

God, you made me, and you love me. Although Ashes don’t rest on my forehead this year, silently and in my heart, I am very aware of the ways in which I don’t always love others, love myself or love creation as much as you would like me to. I am not perfect; I try to do my best. You love me and accept me the way I am.

Lent this year will be different but maybe more important than ever. I probably don’t really feel like another challenge, but I know it is in stretching myself that I will grow. I learn in PE and from the sports I watch and play, that when I push myself physically, I become stronger. In school I learn that in stretching myself academically I learn more. I know also that in stretching myself spiritually I will grow as well.

So, this Lent, I promise to try to (………insert your own Lenten resolutions/promises here……..). Help me be strong in these Lenten promises. It’s okay to be out of my comfort zone when you are with me. I’m not going to do this on my own; in faith I lean on you this Lent. But by my resolve, I grow. This Lent bless all my efforts. Bless me with strength and courage.

This Lent bless me with the peace of knowing that even if I fail, I can try again. Your love never fails. In you all things are possible. Guide me in all that I do. Keep me going, help me as I grow.
Be with my friends in their efforts. Even though we are separated and apart from one another, I remember all of them in my prayers. I pray now especially for (………speak the names of the people you want to pray for….).
Lord hear these and all the prayers of my heart. Amen.

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